Flutter Intract

Flutter Intract

I feel proud to be a facilitator in the Flutter viewing party conducted by the developer student clubs in Mar baselius college of engineering, Trivandrum on 7th February 2020. The flutter interact was initially conducted in Newyork on 11th December 2019 and the flutter viewing party is an extended version of the same.

43 students from all the batches and branches of the college attended the session and they unanimously agreed that the session was informative and productive. As a student I find privilege in being able to conduct sessions on the usage of such a great feature and promoting it has now become a need because the growth of technology should not be unknown.

About Flutter

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.Flutter is used by organizations around the world to create apps and we through our sessions make its usage a lot more easier.

The popular Ken ken puzzle was brought to life on android and iOS by the New York times using our very own flutter, It also helps power a ever-growing number of Google assistant apps. Being part of their team has boosted my urge to believe that technology will never find its demise and with time I could be part of the many who contribute to this growth. Google, Alibaba group, Capital one, Tencent and Ebay are just few among the many organizations that use flutter to facilitate development and other features.

Developer Student Clubs

Google DSC is a Developer Student Club which is a technical community that combines all the university students, and all the other students who learn, share ideas and come up with viable projects that are likely to solve day to day universe problems. Additionally, it aims for university students to help them build their mobile, web, machine learning, cloud skills. The clubs are intended as a space for students to try out new ideas and collaborate to solve mobile and web development problems.

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