The pandemonium caused by the massive outburst is nothing short of hell. What that lead to this situation is ultimately the lack of information. In this digital world we have all the knowledge we need right within our fingertips. Everyday,each and every one of us wants to know whether there has been any new developments, how many have overcome this morbid condition, what's the status of the neighbouring countries,how the world is taking it on, etc.

COVID is an application solely developed for this purpose. It gathers data from around the world and gives an approximate count of the current cases. The categorisation makes it simple to use and efficient. Using COVID you are able to see the status of the virus outbreak globally as well as country wice. So there's no need to google it daily anymore!!! The graphical representation and maps are the key features I've included and the coding was done making use of flutter.

This was made possible through several API's.

global status :
country wise status:
map from:
map data from:

API's or Application Programming Interface is the computing interface to a software component or a system that defines how other components or systems can use it . It helps in defining the kinds of requests that can be made,how to make them,the data formats that should be used, the conventions to be followed etc.

But currently you won't be able to find my application in the play store. They are prioritising the publication of apps that have been commissioned or authorised by official government entities. So any app referencing COVID-19 in their metadata won't get published unless they have been authorised by either the government or public health organization

Even so , if you wish to use this app all you need to do is click the download button below and proceed to download.

In order to allow downloads from this source follow the sequential steps given below

Settings > Apps and notifications>Chrome> Install unknown apps> ON






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